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Please join the International Coffee Hour every Friday from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. It takes place in the Delia Koo International Center (Spartan Room B & C) and is a great place to make friends, be involved and start the weekend… and the coffee/tea is free!

Conversational English on Fridays at 3 o'clock with (VETP) in room 307 of the MSU International Center.

These conversation classes are limited to MSU students, scholars & their family members. Admission Request


Lansing Regional English Alliance [for ESL] classes:

A+ English Language Schooll - $350 Semester

Capital Area District Library - 517-272-9840

Capital Area Literacy Coalition - free

Cristo Rey Community Center - free

Eubank Tutors - personalized lesson plan

International Friendship House - free

Lansing Schools Adult Education 517-755-2914

Lansing Community College - LCC Tuition

Peckham Incorporated

Refugee Neighbors Presbyterian Church Okemos 517-349-9536

Southside Community Coalition

Trinity Church of Lansing free Monday 7-9 pm

University Reformed Church - free Tuesday 7:00-8:30 pm

Vineyard Church - 517-337-9121

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Tips To Reduce Your Accent

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MSU TEAM VOWELS Practice Exercises



Window to the World curriculum features Life Skills and short clips from the Jesus film. Watch the Jesus film online in your language.

The following life-skill lessons have been adapted to the low-intermediate objectives of CASAS.

Please report any dead links on any of the following pages.

Lesson 1 Family Relationships Overview

Lesson 2 Birthdays - Months - Numbers Overview

Lesson 3 Transportation, Travel and Time Overview

Lesson 4 Body Parts and Body Language Overview

Lesson 5 Occupations Overview

Lesson 6 Foods Overview

Lesson 7 Weather / Seasons Overview:

Lesson 8 Health - Ailments and Remedies Overview:

Lesson 9 Clothing Overview:

Lesson 10 Holidays Overview:

Lesson 11 Death and Burial Overview:

Lesson 12 Life Passages/Physical Attributes Overview:

US Money - Banking: Check writing, Registers, Balancing the Statement

Map Reading Activity CATA Routes Use of City Bus

Low Intermediate ESL
SPL 4 Listening/Speaking: Can satisfy basic survival needs and very routine social demands. Understands simple learned phrases easily and some new simple phrases containing familiar vocabulary, spoken slowly with frequent repetition. Reading/ Writing: Can read and interpret simple material on familiar topics. Able to read and interpret simple directions, schedules, signs, maps, and menus. Can fill out forms requiring basic personal information and write short, simple notes and messages based on familiar situations. Employability: Can handle entry - level jobs that involve some simple oral and written communication but in which tasks can also be demonstrated and/or clarified orally. Please click Life Skill Levels for more understanding of CASAS.

Dr. James J. Asher and Leslie Watson, Southeast Regional TESOL Conference September 22-25, 2005 at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.



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For Sale Vacant Land: 30+ acres in Tompkins Township, Jackson, Michigan. Located on M-50, six miles from 127. Consumers Energy gas line is available to the property. Great for deer hunters!


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